A Writer, a Pessimist, and an Optimist are in a Theatre…


Pessimism and Optimism

are in the same theatre

watching the same movie

expecting two different endings.

The writer sits between them

contently, knowing the ending.

How does the movie end?


A Question Of Soulmates

There is a person who brings out the best in you.

There is a different person who brings out the parts you like most about yourself.

Who do you spend the rest of your life with?


Experience On Infinite Repeat


I’m addicted to the moments,

the people,

the memories.

I crave the places,

the actions,

the expressions.

Feelings are my fix.

I’ll spend my entire life

chasing each and every one.

The journey will be long

of this I am sure but,

oh, won’t it be fun?



The Unexpected Arms Of A Savior & A Thief


Her heart

Cannot survive on the hope of more than words.

Her hands

Are wet from wiping away tears of the times he chose another.

Her grip

She fears will fail her as her heart has grown too heavy.

His hands

Will be too busy to save her, too full of others as they have always been.

His heart

Has always cared too much about the ones who did not care enough.

His words

Have kept her here but she needs something more to grasp.

His love

Is falling, and in his final attempt, he lets go of all that was holding him back from her.

His eyes

Search relentlessly for her, but it is too late.

The arms

Of another have saved her and stolen her heart.





Simply, us.

You are me,

I am you.

As true as

You love me,

I love you.


Life, Questioned.


let go?

admit how I actually feel?

be okay with people leaving?

be okay with people staying?

stop being hard on myself?

stop craving adoration?

lose the fear of completing something?

see myself the way other people see me?

be comfortable in my own skin?

stop loving the thrill?

find the good in a ordinary life?

be satisfied?

stop being impulsive?

stop trying to make everything mean something?

stop self-sabatoging?

stop being attached to memories?

let my guard down?

know what I want?

admit what I’m really afraid of?

truly love myself?

truly love someone else?

stop being addicted to how people, places, and things make me feel?

stop hurting other people unintentionally?

be present in a moment?

have one thought in my head instead of the million I have each day?

stop wanting to be a kid?

see the beauty in everything again?

stop holding myself back?

appreciate what I have, how far I’ve come, who I am, and what my future holds?

stop thinking I don’t deserve good things?

admit what my problems are?

stop covering for myself?

know myself?

be happy?

stop seeking something better?

be comfortable with my decisions?

be myself instead of someone else?

stop hating myself?

stop holding everything in?

feel free?

be content with failing?

stop pretending?

stop worrying about death?

stop worrying about life?


Will I ever? Yes. How? Starting with the bold word, read it again.

Life is nothing without action.


Cat Pictures Never Need A Clever Title

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